Real-time Kiss&Hug transmitter, A Lovotics Application
Lovotics XOXO
XOXO facilitates physical interaction in a remote communication between humans by enabling to kiss and hug one another through robotics interface and wearable hug reproducing jacket. The objective of this system is to develop a computer mediated haptics stimulation platform which can produce almost similar affective response on humans relative to a real physical intimate haptics interaction.
Despite advances in telecommunication technologies, remote communication is still not as convincing as face to face communication, since haptic sense, as an important medium of expressing affection, is missing.

The proposed system will open up new communication mode for remote intimate relationships by providing facilities for remote haptic interactions. The developed platform may positively foster the sense of presence by filling the gaps of digital communication as well as conveying the sense of immersion in virtual world. This platform plays the mediating role in the affectionate nonverbal interaction by imitating and recreating the affectionate haptic stimulation of both users in realtime using two digitally connected interface. The proposed framework provides users with the possibility of touching and feeling targets (objects or persons) which are remotely located from them. Then, we hope that tactile feelings can be conveyed toward a richer caring communication.